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The world can often seem to rush by and if you don’t stop to smell the roses you can miss it.

In the coming months we at SystemSeed will be “going back to our roots” so to speak and attending DrupalCon Amsterdam from September 29th to Oct 3rd.

When working for clients you love, the primary objective is to go above and beyond, enrich the relationship and deliver something you are both truly proud of.

Well we love working with Concern Worldwide and have just launched the latest iteration of their website we built in Drupal 7 just a short time ago.

You may have heard the saying, "Surround yourself with the best people you can find." It's a quote from President Reagan in 1986, which is fairly intuitive until you dissect those words. Having founded and co-founded a few businesses, I find myself constantly challenging the idea of who the best are that I can surround myself with as our teams take on real business needs.

We are pleased to announce that the Panopoly 1.2 release is now available on Drupal.org.. Once again, thank you to all those that contributed.

If you hadn't heard on Twitter or our Facebook page, our very own Tom Kirkpatrick (SystemSeed's co-founder and rockstar developer) will be appearing on the Modules Unraveled podcast today at 4pm GMT.

After many weeks of hard work by a dedicated group of Panopoly users, the first official release of Panopoly has finally landed in high street stores! I have literally just cut the Panopoly 1.1 release and am waiting for Drupal.org to package it up as I write this.

Lebron James makes a living doing what he loves - as do most professional athletes (except for maybe Andrew Bynum). There is no better feeling in your career than when you reach a point where you literally love what you do.

Panopoly is a Drupal base distribution that provides a solid and robust starting point for those wanting to build their own Drupal websites and distributions. The Panopoly project was started by Pantheon's Matt Cheney and its really beginning to taking off.

Having been an active and passionate advocate of the Features module and code driven development workflows in general for Drupal, I have been very pleased to see a substantial drive forwards with the Features module over recent weeks.

The conference started in traditional style with fun and laughs, before moving on to the so called DriesNote (or KeyNote to any non-Drupal person). This is where Dries Buytaert - project founder and lead - gives his 'state of Drupal' presentation.