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Often times, a client will come to us asking how to embed some random script into one of their pages. One simple answer that we could give them is that they can copy and paste the embed code directly from the widget providers website into their page content. However, whislt it sounds nice and easy, it's actually not such a great idea. What happens when the widget provider changes their API or widget code? You'll end up with lots of broken widgets scattered throughout your site. How do keep track of all of the different widgets that have been embeded throughout your site? You can't!

This happened yet again this week. A client came to us asking how to embed twitter timeline widgets into some of their pages. I spent some time looking around on Drupal.org, searching for a simple module that could provide a mechinism to facilitate this without resorting to embeddeding raw JavaScript into their pages. I turned up nothing. So, I wrote a very simple module to handle it. Twitter Timeline.

Twitter Timeline provides a new 'Twitter Timeline' Bean type (configurable block instance factory), enabling you to create multiple blocks that show twitter timeline widgets, each with its own unique configuration. These can then be added to your pages in the same way that you would add any other block to your pages. Or, if you want to embed them within your content, this could be done using the Insert Block module.

After years of developing all types of web solutions, Tom made the strategic decision to focus his efforts into making Drupal a better platform. In 2010, he led the successful exit of his KirkDesigns through a joint venture with Web at Ease. That event formed SystemSeed.