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Drupal 6 End of Life 

Important Announcement! On February 24th, 2016, Drupal 6 will reach end of life and no longer will be supported.

What this means for you: Drupal 6 will no longer be supported by the community at large. The community at large will no longer be creating new projects, fixing bugs in existing projects, writing documentation, etc. around Drupal 6. (Note: End of Life for Drupal 5 occurred in 2011, therefore if your website is running on Drupal 5, you should pull your site offline ASAP)

Most importantly, the security team will no longer provide support or Security Advisories for Drupal 6. All Drupal 6 releases on project pages will be flagged as not supported. At some point in the future, any websites running on Drupal 6 may stop working.

Should I update to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8? The version of Drupal you choose for your upgrade will depend on how complex your site is, what contributed modules you need, and other factors. Many modules have been built into Drupal 8. For example, Views and a WYSIWYG editor come as a part of Drupal 8, which means that some sites can move to Drupal 8 much sooner.

You should plan to upgrade your site as soon as possible!

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